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The BBQ Rig

The two ton grilling wonder is also a smoker and mobile!  Chef Rick's baby back ribs with his Carolina-style BBQ sauce are the best, but not outdone by his wild smoked salmon and remoulade among many other delicious dishes.   A versatile piece of equipment that impresses and continues to attract interest from BBQ enthusiasts and chefs alike.  Nothing says summer and harvest more than a great BBQ party!


Chef Rick believes food should taste like itself.  He has a simple and clean approach to his cuisine.  Straightforward like himself.  After catering in the Napa Valley for years he opened a restaurant in the north end of the valley called Calistoga Kitchen.  It was a local favorite and held the highest ratings when he sold the restaurant in August 2017.  He is happy to be back to catering only while bringing with him some tried and true recipes from the restaurant. 

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I'm a description

Did someone say "Duck Soup?"

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